Saturday, November 13, 2010

Wah....What an advancement.!

Cartoons On Disability

These are the cartoon drawn to exhibit in a seminar on Disability in the University Of Hyderabad.

First Pride

This is the cartoon which was selected as one of the best ten cartoons in The National level cartoon contest on Youth and Aids conducted by Satyam Foundation in 2006.

That makes our mind blast.....

This is my first effort in digital art. These two pics were used as cover pages of a Telugu Literary magazine.


These are my Favorite cartoons..

How the west feel about the Freedom of Expression

On Terror and Terrorism

On Palastena

Yes... this is just about Yankees.

On world social forum

These are the some of the cartoons I drew On world social forum few years back.

Welcome all

Hi Friends
I would like to paste some of my cartoons and pour some of my thoughts. I wish you good health to bear them. ....Good luck.